What Is Biobanking?

Biobanking is a systemic collection, storage and redistribution of biospecimens adheringĀ to regulatory requirements. Biobanking provides a great opportunity for researchers in preserving precious biospecimens. An excellent platform for researchers to getĀ appropriate research specimens within a short period. A large volume of biospecimens could be stored within limited space for many decades thus minimising the space, cost andĀ man power.

How Does Migene Biobanking Work?

Biobanking Formulation Enables bio-specimen collection, transport & storage under ambient conditions

Why is Migene Biobanking Unique?
  1. Ā Availability of a proprietary energy-efficient, ambient temperature formulation for biobanking
  2. Ability to set up a genome bank, either turn-key or at a centralised bio-bank, customise and run the platform as per the research institution’s or client’s needs.
  3. Ability to secure the genome banking sample storage, retrieval and access control with 21CFR Part 11 compliant I.T solution.
  4. Ability to provide affordable medicare to the masses faster and to scale up the personalised medicine sector.

InstaPreserve ā€“ Biological Specimen Collection, transport and storage at ambient temperature DBT/BIRAC selected proprietary technology. Conventional biological specimen collection, transport and storage for genomics research requires extensive cold storage, which is expensive and energy inefficient. Migene addresses this gap, through a proprietary genome-banking formulation which enables collection, transport and storage, easily with minimal training and transport under ambient conditions. As the world and especially, medical care constrained countries progress on the genomics front, researchers and clinicians (both academic and industry) working in molecular diagnostics, therapeutics, vaccine development are demanding faster, affordable and efficient means of collection, transport and storage of biological specimens.

Phase-II Robust IT Platform ā€“ with Audit Trail (21 CFR Part 11) and Data Analytics.Ā Another aspect, often considered secondary in research institutions, is the setup of genome-banks or the sample repositories, in a stable environment with efficient data retrieval and analysis capabilities. This will enable the medical and scientific fraternity to conduct research on the samples on demand, present or future, perform data analyses and collaborate with global scientists as and when required. This also necessitates a robust I.T platform for ensuring patient privacy, data security of samples, and data integrity. As a specialist company in this space, Migene helps research institutions setup the optimal infrastructure for their bio-bank, as suitable for their needs.

Ā Value Proposition

Migeneā€™s value proposition is the availability of a proprietary energy efficient, ambient temperature formulation for genome banking, and the ability to set up a genome bank and run the platform for the research institutionā€™s needs and secure the genome banking platform with its I.T solution. Migene also offers the platform as a service (PaaS).

Our Offering

Setup and Maintain a Genome banking and research facility onsite at preferential pricing.Migene will offer and run the platform as a service, turnkey.