For over 25 years, Dr. Rajani has epitomized versatility, seamlessly wearing multiple hats as a scientist, entrepreneur, social worker, and mentor. His journey began with a vision to address the pressing challenges of maintaining a research Biobank ā€“ challenges encompassing storage limitations, reliance on outdated cold chain systems, soaring costs, labor-intensive methods, and environmental concerns.
Armed with a wealth of expertise spanning clinical research, nanotechnology, and bioinformatics, Dr. Rajani embarked on a transformative path. His academic journey saw him earn a PhD from the esteemed Department of Medicine III, Klinikum Grosshardern, LMU, Munich, followed by impactful post-doctoral work at the Center for Genomics and Bioinformatics, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm. Notably, he held a senior research position at Hammersmith Hospital, Department of Hematology, Imperial College London.
Today, Dr. Rajani leads the scientific and technological frontiers of MiGene, infusing his vast knowledge and unconventional thinking into every facet of the company. He serves as the driving force behind our innovation, inspiring the team to surpass boundaries and pioneer groundbreaking products.
Beyond his professional endeavors, Dr. Rajani’s contributions reverberate globally. He has lent his expertise to over eleven scientific journals and publications as a respected member of review committees. Additionally, his membership in four international scientific societies underscores his commitment to advancing the frontiers of medicine and science.
Dr. Rajani’s impact transcends academia, extending to charitable institutions and the development of transformative technologies. As the Founder-Scientific Chairman of the Institute for Applied Research and Innovation, his visionary leadership propels us towards new horizons.
With multiple patents to his name and a distinguished array of accolades, Dr. Rajani embodies excellence in every endeavor. His unwavering dedication to scientific advancement and societal betterment serves as a beacon of inspiration for us all. Join us as we celebrate the visionary behind MiGene and his unparalleled contributions to science, innovation, and humanity.

Dr. Rajani Kanth Vangala
Co-Founder, CEO