CellSafe revolutionizes cell line storage by enabling preservation at room temperature, offering a convenient alternative to traditional methods. It eliminates the need for extensive media and additives, reducing costs and preparation time. With its room temperature stability, CellSafe simplifies cell transportation and minimizes the risks associated with temperature fluctuations and leakage. Laboratories of all sizes benefit from this technology, particularly those with limited access to specialized equipment. By preventing common risks like cell damage and loss of functionality, CellSafe ensures valuable cell lines remain accessible and optimal for research. Ultimately, CellSafe transforms cell line storage and transportation, making it more efficient and sustainable for scientific progress.

Key Advantages:

1.Cold-chain-free sample collection, transport and storage.

2.Cost-effective alternative to liquid nitrogen, dry ice etc.

3.Non-toxic solution promoting a green and safer work environment.

4.Compatible with a wide range of cell lines, enhancing its versatility and applicability in various research settings.