Embalming Solution

instaPRESERVETM represents a recent advancement in embalming solutions, positioned as a viable alternative to formaldehyde-based fluids. Its composition typically comprises a blend of chemicals meticulously crafted to uphold tissue integrity and deter microbial proliferation. Notably, instaPRESERVETM formulations boast formaldehyde-free attributes, a feature likely to resonate with embalmers and funeral establishments seeking alternatives to conventional formaldehyde-based options. Prominent advantages associated with instaPRESERVETM include diminished odour, enhanced safety measures for embalmers, and a more environmentally conscious approach compared to formaldehyde-based solutions.

Features and Benefits:

1.Safe and Non-Toxic:
instaPRESERVEā„¢ ensures safety for embalmers and funeral personnel, promoting a healthier work environment.

2.Superior Preservation:
It effectively maintains the integrity and appearance of the deceased for extended periods.

instaPRESERVEā„¢ minimizes emissions and reduces ecological footprints in embalming procedures.

4.Easy Application:
It simplifies the embalming process with user-friendly methods.

5.Convenient Disposal: instaPRESERVEā„¢ offers straightforward disposal, streamlining the overall procedure.