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How to store Saliva in InstaPreserveā„¢?

Add 2.5 ml of saliva in 25 ml InstaPreserve and store at room temperature

NGS Data for Blood and Saliva

Blood & Saliva samples stored at -20, -80Ā°C and in InstaPreserveā„¢ gel were subjected to next-generation sequencing study. The data clearly exhibited that there is no variation among the genes from the sequence data.

SDS-PAGE electrophoresis of total proteins isolated from Blood and Saliva samples stored at -20Ā°C, -80Ā°C and InstaPreserveā„¢ gel.


How to store Tissue in InstaPreserveā„¢?

Add 1g of Tissue in 25 ml InstaPreserve and store at room temperature

DNA Isolation procedure

Agarose gel (0.8%) electrophoresis of DNA isolated from Blood samples stored at -20oC, -80oC and in Instapreserve gel.Ā 


MedSafe serves as a Safe Alternative for Formalin in Medical Institutions due to the known risks associated with formalin exposure, which include significant threats to human health such as gastrointestinal diseases, skin irritations, and respiratory problems. Unlike formalin, which is toxic to humans, this alternative exhibits no negative effects on nucleic acids and proteins, rendering it suitable for histopathological studies. Moreover, the components utilised are non-toxic and inert, while the polymer employed in preparation demonstrates excellent thermal stability. Furthermore, MedSafe acts as a stable preservative, with someĀ of its ingredients inherently maintain the biochemical constituents without denaturing orĀ ltering them. Not only does MedSafe provide a safe alternative to formalin, but it alsoĀ offers a sustainable solution by serving as an alternative to energy-consuming ultra-low-temperature storage.

Key Advantages:

1.MedSafe is a non-carcinogenic and non-toxic alternative to formalin.

2.MedSafe is ideal for Histopathology studies.

3.MedSafe serves as a stable preservative, maintaining the integrity of all cell components.

4.MedSafe exhibits thermal stability, ensuring reliable preservation conditions.Ā 

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