• Marine: Fish, or any other marine specimen

Where Can InstaPreserveā„¢ Be Used

InstaPreserveā„¢ can be used as a point-of-care bio-specimen collection system for a broad range of biological samples (human, veterinary and plant) such as blood, saliva, solid tissues, hair, swab, teeth, bones, leaves, sap, stem, roots etc.

Key USPs

Sample collection, transport and storage at room temperature.Ā 

Simplified sample processing

Barcoding support

No hazardous preservatives

Why Choose InstaPreserveā„¢?

Value Proposition
This eliminates the need for cold chain logistics for biospecimen collection, transport & storage that helps to reduce operational cost by 25-40%. Eliminates pathogenicity & minimises the requirement of costly biosafety measures like BSL3 facilities for biospecimen processing. Being a cost-effective biobanking solution, it aims to bring a promising shift in clinical practice and translational research in countries like India by enabling a wide arena for large-scale genomic studies.


How to store Fish in InstaPreserveā„¢?
Add 3cm2 Leaf in 5 ml InstaPreserve and store at room temperature
DNA Isolation procedure

Agarose gel (0.8%) electrophoresis image of DNA isolated from fresh stem and IP stored stem


How to store Saliva in InstaPreserveā„¢?

Add 2.5 ml of saliva in 25 ml InstaPreserve and store at room temperature

NGS Data for Blood and Saliva

Blood & Saliva samples stored at -20, -80Ā°C and in InstaPreserveā„¢ gel were subjected to next-generation sequencing study. The data clearly exhibited that there is no variation among the genes from the sequence data.

SDS-PAGE electrophoresis of total proteins isolated from Blood and Saliva samples stored at -20Ā°C, -80Ā°C and InstaPreserveā„¢ gel.


How to store Tissue in InstaPreserveā„¢?

Add 1g of Tissue in 25 ml InstaPreserve and store at room temperature

DNA Isolation procedure

Agarose gel (0.8%) electrophoresis of DNA isolated from Blood samples stored at -20oC, -80oC and in Instapreserve gel.Ā 


Currently available stabilizing reagents facilitate the room temperature storage of specific biological samples, preserving biomolecules like RNA in whole tissue for up to 7 days at room temperature, while also providing chemical protection. RNASafe introduces an innovative approach that guarantees the preservation and integrity of tissue sample contents, including RNA, for an extended period during biological specimen collection. Unlike conventional methods, this preservation technique eliminates the necessity for ultra-low temperature storage, enabling preservation at ambient temperatures and effectively mitigating degradation before subsequent downstream processing steps.

Key Advantages:

1.Guaranteeing the preservation and integrity of RNA.

2.Enabling long-term storage at ambient temperatures while preventing RNA degradation.

3.Applicable to a wide range of uses, including diagnostics, forensics, biobanking, and research.

4.Versatile for storing plant, animal, and human cells with its RNA molecule safe.