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How to store Saliva in InstaPreserveā„¢?

Add 2.5 ml of saliva in 25 ml InstaPreserve and store at room temperature

NGS Data for Blood and Saliva

Blood & Saliva samples stored at -20, -80Ā°C and in InstaPreserveā„¢ gel were subjected to next-generation sequencing study. The data clearly exhibited that there is no variation among the genes from the sequence data.

SDS-PAGE electrophoresis of total proteins isolated from Blood and Saliva samples stored at -20Ā°C, -80Ā°C and InstaPreserveā„¢ gel.


How to store Tissue in InstaPreserveā„¢?

Add 1g of Tissue in 25 ml InstaPreserve and store at room temperature

DNA Isolation procedure

Agarose gel (0.8%) electrophoresis of DNA isolated from Blood samples stored at -20oC, -80oC and in Instapreserve gel.Ā 


For biomedical research, a broad array of proteins and peptides are preferred choices. However, during the storage of biospecimens and coagulated blood, many useful proteins are lost, hampering research efforts. This is where ProteinSafe plays a crucial role. Any biological sample, including blood, can be directly transferred to the ProteinSafe reagent and stored for an extended period without the loss or denaturation of proteins. ProteinSafe ensures the integrity of proteins in all research samples. Typically, biorepositories store samples in different aliquots to ensure the safety of multiple processing methods. However, ProteinSafe simplifies this procedure by enabling one-term collection and storage for a longer period, ensuring the stability of existing proteins in the collected samples.

Key Advantages:

1.Ensures no protein denaturation occurs in the stored samples.

2.Provides an easy method for collecting research samples and storing them for prolonged periods.

3.Non-toxic preservation without harmful chemicals

4.Ideal for biomedical research, particularly in antigen-antibody research.

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