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How to store Saliva in InstaPreserveā„¢?

Add 2.5 ml of saliva in 25 ml InstaPreserve and store at room temperature

NGS Data for Blood and Saliva

Blood & Saliva samples stored at -20, -80Ā°C and in InstaPreserveā„¢ gel were subjected to next-generation sequencing study. The data clearly exhibited that there is no variation among the genes from the sequence data.

SDS-PAGE electrophoresis of total proteins isolated from Blood and Saliva samples stored at -20Ā°C, -80Ā°C and InstaPreserveā„¢ gel.


How to store Tissue in InstaPreserveā„¢?

Add 1g of Tissue in 25 ml InstaPreserve and store at room temperature

DNA Isolation procedure

Agarose gel (0.8%) electrophoresis of DNA isolated from Blood samples stored at -20oC, -80oC and in Instapreserve gel.Ā 

Tissue Safe

Tissue Safe revolutionizes the biospecimen collection, transport, and analysis process, offering a comprehensive solution to enhance efficiency and reliability in diagnostics and research. With its cold-chain-free sample collection and transport, it ensures a seamless process without compromising sample integrity and reliability. Additionally, Tissue Safe provides freezer-free specimen storage, offering flexibility and convenience in specimen management while significantly reducing operational costs compared to traditional methods. Its non-toxic solution not only promotes a safer work environment for laboratory personnel but also minimises environmental impact, contributing to sustainability efforts. Moreover, Tissue Safe’s adaptability to any larger tissues enhances its versatility, making it a valuable tool for scientific advancements across various research settings.

Key Advantages:

1.Comprehensive tissue storage solution for diagnostics and research.

2.No refrigeration required

3.Non-carcinogenic and non-toxic to any users and environment.

4.Versatile compatibility with various types of tissue from animals, plants, and humans including cancer tissues.

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