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Molecular advancements have led to the expansion of the veterinary sector over the last few decades.Ā We offer a wide range of services to meet the need of the veterinary researcher.

Next generation sequencing solution

Genome sequencing allows researchers to uncover the genetic makeup of animals and discover new important markers.

We use nanopore technology to enable scientist for accurate assembly of large, highly repetitive animal genomesā€” to deliver new insights into veterinary biology and breeding strategies.

Target genotyping by sequencing of animal genome sequencing can provided on Ion Gene Studio S5Ā  and Nanopore platform

Genotyping and Expression study by qPCR

We offer qPCR solution on highly sensitive and precise instrument QuantStudio qPCR systems.Ā 

Genotyping by qPCR is a well-known and reliable approach that is used widely in both research and industrial settings for the confirmation of SNPs and to screen panels of markers.Ā 

Ā We offer custom design options for SNP validation and gene expression study using TaqManā„¢ Gene Expression Assays and SYBR green assay.Ā  TaqMan chemistry remains the gold standard for gene expression analysis.Ā 

Animal STR genotyping

Short tandem repeat (STR) loci, or microsatellites, are a class of nuclear DNA markers consisting of tandem repeated sequence motifs of two to seven base pairs in length.Ā  Alleles of STR loci vary by the number of times a specific sequence motif is repeated.Ā 

STR alleles are detected using PCR and electrophoretic separation of amplification products.Ā 

STR loci have become the markers of choice for parentage testing and individual identification.Ā 

We offer STR based genotyping of different animals using ready to use kits. Markers in these kits are based on the recommendations set by the International Society for Animal Genetics (ISAG) and have been pre-optimized to perform robustly for signal height and allele discrimination.